Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1988: The Changes of Justicia

Now i'm busying my day with classes, research, study for many cases, watching movies (upss movies?) , yeap it's for relaxing my mind actually and etc. Yesterday i went to many bank to open the SSPN accouunt which is compulsory for the PTPTN's appliances. Unfortunately, the form already finished.. Urgh..Tiring day..So, in the evening i went to gymnasium with my roomate. Yeah, whatever it is, i must get some exercise for the stamina.

Today i'm gonna share with u something that can remind back our memorie in 1988..What was that? If u're alert with that issue, it may pop up into your mind directly. It was a JUDICIAL INTERVENTION IN A POLITICAL DISPUTE. Who were in that issue? Later i mentioned it one by one. I had been asked by my lecturer during my Governance & Politics class to study about this issue. So that, i made a research by asking my senior, understand the text that provided in the Law Library in my campus and also search it in the internet. So, take your time to read it, understand it and maybe u can share with us with your opinion. Sharing is caring right. Hehe..

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