Friday, June 27, 2008

Big Apple, Dunkin Donut & J Co = LOVE

As i said before, donut also one of my 'lovers' and my best 'buddies' until now . Big Apple, Dunkin Donut and J Co are the places that u can find variety of donut flavor. Before, Big Apple came to Malaysia market, i always go to Dunkin Donut to get those donut. It's not only me that became 'addicted' to the donut, but my family also love to eat it. My mom like the blueberry flavor while my dad like the raspberry ones. And my lil sis stay with her choc flavor. Anything but it must with the choc once.'s normal for kids.

During my last semester break, my family and i went to Subang Parade to have a great time. I was shocked and quite exicited when saw the Big Apple already in SP. Before the break, i had some pillow chat with my Kak Zaky about food. She mentioned to me that i can fine donut which is tastier than Dunkin Donuts once but the shop was in One Utama, Damansara. It's quite far to go there (around 30 min from my house) . So, when i went to the Big Apple, i bought three flavor which is Mango Tango for me, California Almond for my dad and lastly Spiderman for my lil sis. It's much tastier...Yummy... I'm not bought it for my mum because she wanted to eat Rotiboy. So, we decided to take away the donut and eat them at Rotiboy kiosk and had some chat. But my dad still prefer Dunkin Donut because he said Big Apple's donut is too soft (sekali ngapla agaknya).

~ segalanya bermula di sini ~

~ pelbagai citarasa yang akan memenuhi kehendak anda ~

~ dan lagi ~

" keep smiling even with your tears "

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