Friday, June 27, 2008

Chocolates, Doughnut and Cakes

Chocolates, doughnut and cakes are my lovers since small and until now. I think many people out there also have that kind of favorites in their life. For me, chocolates can colors my day while doughnut can shining my life and cakes can make me smile always. Yummy... If I've any problems or under pressure and so on i will fine that 3 thing. Chocolate is the most thing i 'referred' to. One of my best 'buddies'. Hehe.. Any types of chocolate are fine with me. Dark chocolate, white choc (I'm not really interest with it because is just like more creamy), choc with mint, nut choc and others. Here in Malaysia, the most famous chocolate's brand is Cadboury. I'm not really like it because it is too sweet. Vanhouten is one of my best collection other than Snickers and Mars. I also like to eat Choki while studying and doing some work. It's nice actually even though it seems like a kid :P...

~ Nice taste in the best 'price' ~

~ also can be a mathematical solver ~

~ especially for her ~

~ for someone special ~

~ for him ~

~ syamimi azmira ~

" Enjoy your life with the sweet moment "

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