Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cakes : Happy for others, joy for us.

When we enjoy the special moment in our life such as celebrates the birthday parties, anniversary day, wedding or something else, cake is one of the thing that includes in that day. It is not only because we really want to eat it, but it is something meaningful to anyone that we celebrates. We can express our loves to someone by giving them a cakes in their special day. They will feel appreciatively. It is good to make others that we love happy. So that, it can give happiness to u also.

~ the right 'track' to feel the lovely taste ~

~ more taste ~

~ share the sweet moment even with your special shopaholic ~

~ chezzy your day with the biggest smile ~

~ care for your health also not only your joy moment~

" When u give happiness for others, it is enough to forget your sadness "


zliah said...

cute la cake yg ada handbag atas dia tu! ;)

syamimi azmira said...

huhu..that one for u?Uppsss..:D

Hazwan said...

mimi nanti sy linkkan awak k... jgn lupa link kan sy jugek :P

zliah said...

heee shopaholic dulu2.
skang kena jimat cermat~ :)