Thursday, March 24, 2011

happy belated birthday to my lil sis :)

treat my sis at fullhouse sunway pyramid and skate for free since she's own a member card. it's kind of special privilege to the members to get free ticket on their birthday. i didn't joined her since i'm not good in skate though have been tried it for several times. few pictures been taken and let's drool on it...

birthday girl

chicken cutlet for her

pathetic face =(

chicken chop for me

menu, catalog and comic

the ambiance

white birdie besides me ;) does it means i've good aura?

she's 15

and me looked like a mom D:

u can have nice dining area

an adorable wardrobe

i persuaded her Not to buy anything though it's her day. evil laugh* from your stingy sister

and even a bath tub

ouhh perhaps u can take a nap while waiting for your meal :) :)

ashley and tracy, nice to meet u =D

i'm done with the meal!

it's ok for the first time and not again. i do satisfied with the service and of course the ambiance but the taste of the foods not up to the level. (from the bottom of yours' truly heart :k)

cuteeeee. i want to hug that thing too :/

last but not least, Tutti Frutti. love BR to the most!!

nothing much to share as it's not super fantastic birthday bash but in fact it's much valuable as i could spend my precious moment with my sister. a sister bonding persay :) she's not a kid anymore but i prefer to treat her as my little sister.

for my adik,

be a good girl and please growing wiser. the satisfaction only take place when u learn how to appreciate every single thing and do enjoy your teenage world on the right track :)


AimiSabri said...

Happy belated birthday to mimi sister..May Allah SWT bless u owez :)

Syamimi!!! treat me oso...
not Fullhouse but Seoul Garden :Big-Grin:

syamimi azmira said...

time kaceh kakak aimi :D amin

erk, insyaAllah. hihi apa kata kita suruh mr.najib belanja.kan kan? :gelak noty: