Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Singapore Trip - part 2

our second destination would be Orchard Road which quite similar to Bukit Bintang in Malaysia. It might be the heaven place for the shoppers to spend. Most of the items are easily get in Malaysia but they are a bit expensive maybe in term of currency. For those who decide to spend their bucks are advisable not bring the calculator or any converter gadget to convert their currency as u will end up not handling any paper bag from the designer boutique =p

shopping mall and the first and end check point for our tour bus including the duck tour bus.
the information center of the tour buses also situated inside the mall and we made the reservation here on the second day for our tour to Sentosa Island but sadly we missed our bus as just a minute late. Moral of the story, i must learn to be punctual all the time. Here in Singapore they are moving like there's no tomorrow and time is so valuable. Actually, we're standing in front of the bus while eating the ice-cream and said let the others went first. Then suddenly the bus left us and we couldn't run for it as it was raining. Nak menyedapkan hati we just said takda rezeki for this time and it meant we must come again for Sentosa ;D

recommended tour buses in S'pore. $23 per day but we bought $33 for 2 days including unlimited cruise ride and tour bus to Sentosa. it is important to be noted that we must alert with the time frame provided as different route consist of different time to ride or u might loose certain attractive destination.

the food court

inside the mall. i love this brand as the range of price is reasonable and the design quite similar to designer beg and shoes. preferable to buy in Malaysia as they are same items but much expensive after we convert them ;p

next; Arab Street! where my mom bought her persiapan kahwin long time ago ;) Banyak laces kat sini but i don't really minat for the meantime. besides that, halal food or to be specific arabian cuisines are easily get here. Masjid Sultan also situated here and we ambil kesempatan to perform our solat.

it is a must when we come to s'pore to eat the murtabak as much as we can. it's superb and the taste made us speechless.

chicken murtabak for me and beef for him :)

can look at the menu as well as the price. they're reasonable as it comes with big portion and the taste undefinable

he loves to refer to the map but it annoyed me so much >,<" hehe, sorry ye <3
some of their actress made a shooting, program JJCM s'pore version perhaps. we're quite excited as maybe our face would be aired on the programme. hahha perasan T______T

Kg. Glam where we can find most of them are Malay community

Bussorah St.

the gedikness!

they're still maintaining the heritage places very well

looked like in Jonker Walk right?

most of the specialist in medicine here. our Sultan & former PM (if i'm not mistaken) been treated here before.

next destination? stay tune..


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