Thursday, March 17, 2011

Singapore Trip -part 3

we're going back to Orchard by mrt since the tour bus service was over on that day. it's operated till 5.30pm from our previous destination; kg. glam. decided to join their nightlife at Orchard and me wanted to buy a Hard Rock tee. few pictures were captured and let's enjoyed them :D

don't ask why the spastic face came up. it's all because of that cranky thing behind me :[

similar with our Pavi in KL

nice right?

peace is not enough dude, get me one! The love will blooming and sakura will open the sheath widely.*evil laugh

the best therapy indeed apart being a good vacuum for your thick pocket ;)

and that's the reason s'pore being a unique country. i don't know the specific word but it's a roof for escalator underneath it.

i love s'pore mcd's as well. come with big portion, nice taste and varieties. anyway, they have mc Cafe for those who prefer for light meal as such cakes, sandwiches, muffins etc and they looked yummies! we didn't have chance to try since we full after ate the regular set. ouhh it's halal indeed :) we had the issue of finding halal food since we need to ask each of the restaurant. i ended up asked the crew of mcd and she nicely showed me their halal cert apart convinced us that she's Malaysian Malay and understand that on how strictly we go for halal food.

known as

HR S'pore

jom perabih! :D :D

the pic not too bright and perhaps the camera need a break.huhu

see u again, insyaAllah :)

nor the last..can't wait?

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