Friday, March 18, 2011

Singapore Trip - last part

It was our second lovely day in s'pore and started our first point at Marina. nothing much to say as the scenery made us wordless. if u ever had the chance to go to sydney, they're similar but the weather would be different.

here we go~


couldn't stop him from referring to the map D;

the white thing looked like lily is a museum (if i'm not mistaken). uniquely s'pore!

the mall.

they're two of these in front of the mall. this one for the museum and the other one for lv's boutique. good news for lv junkies indeed.

i bet it was too expensive to skate in s'pore and that's why he's the only one who survived. LOL! ouhh anyway, the ice ring is inside the marina bay sand mall.

more to go?

bye bye marina, see u soon :) :)

the biggest fountain in Asia if i'm not mistaken. named as the Fountain of Wealth situated in front of Suntec Mall

s'pore flyer

we're proud with our petronas twin tour and they've menara kembar empat

who's ear is that? :/

here got fremantle as well not only in perth

2nd destination on our 2nd day

me yang gained weight day by day

where u can ride the cruise

restaurants & bars


we're not in beijing ;p

$15 per ride but we purchased the package with two days tours and it's unlimited ride for us

marina again by cruise

sooo unique.

seems a cruise on top of the triplet tower

lots of bridge along our tour cruise and it's one of them

the new supreme court. they uphold justice as high as where the UFO located and that's why s'pore known as a fine city =p

birdie, a symbol of feng shui and it described... unfortunately i forgot.heee

again, it's not Hong Kong

Esplanade; a convention center, opera theater and mall. if Sydney proud of its' opera house, esplanade will do for s'pore

me :0)
the naked boy statue that described about the previous times where the kids jumped into the river for their shower and perhaps an entertainment upon that time. they're good in maintaining the heritage value.

along the river

definitely will see u again, insyaAllah :)

in love with this pic w/out reason

2nd last destination and nothing to buy.hihi i'm a good traveler and not a good shopper (sometimes). we spent our last bucks and coins in DFS or duty free and again off we go to Orchard. nothing much to buy and decided on chocolates as a gift.

my gratitude will go to this tour company, fully recommended for the first traveler

This entry will be the last post for my Singapore Trip. i tried to share as much as i can and this the least i could do. do enjoy the reading and it's much better if we can share the experience for the improvement :) I'm in love with S'pore though it's not my first nor the last time, insyaAllah. we're excitedly to treasure nice places that we missed and places that we'll miss.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware" - martin buber


MamaTiaMia said...

salam syamimi,thanks singgah our blog;) it was like ages since i had been to singapore;) macam teringin nak bawak tiamia tapi belum lagi;)yeap from the picture they look very much like hong kong except hong has 4 seasons;)and i kinda like hong kong too:)take care and happy monday;)

syamimi azmira said...

w'salam. it's my pleasure indeed :) tiamia should go one day, insyaAllah. a nice place to visit and the excitement will surrounded those little cute girls. i never been to hong kong but still in the list. one fine day insyaAllah. thanks for dropping and take care too :D hello for the sweeties!