Monday, March 21, 2011

Wadi Hadramawt

I'm so thankful to be surrounded by lovely people and what should i say, it's all praised to the Almighty. the love of parents is serene and eternity as nothing much to say but the sovereign phrase would be 'they complete me'. the bond indeed bloomed since me known as an anonymous till hereafter. each of us could feel the same but the acceptance on either sides only differentiate to the certain extent.

Anyway, the tittle doesn't seems to suit well on what i stipulated before. i should change the topic before my readers (if only) boos me.hihi

Me and my family went to Arabian cuisine during my trimester break. it was our first attempt to dine here after my mom being induced by her blogger-mate. we did enjoyed our middle east food addiction at Saba Restaurant in Cyberjaya and Al - Rawsha, Kg. Pandan before and decided to try the best chicken madghout at Wadi Hadramawt in Jln Ampang if i'm not mistaken. What i'm sure was that it's near to Ampang Hilir (embassy residence) and located besides mofaz branch. If u're one of Maher Zain's fan, do come here as he had the experience of dining in this restaurant before and his song being play while u're enjoying your meal :)

cozy and the foods so tempting


lamb kebab

complimentary served to each customer

main course. fully recommended for those who wanna try chicken madghout. this potion basically for four persons came with whole chicken underneath the rice.

turkish coffee for my dad. so pekat one and cannot habis though the cup is small

wadi hadramawt cocktail


The pictures made me so hungry since i just ate sausage, blackpepper cheese, tomatoes and milo for my breakfast. it seems to be a big breakfast for u but my stomach can't stop drumming. i shall stop here and ouhh by the way, for those who're searching for the best place to dine, do come to Wadi Hadramawt to have chicken madghout as your lunch or dinner and perhaps supper :D again, it's fully recommended by me (big eaters) and if u're craving for kabsah, Saba restaurant is excellent! yes, i'm one of the best food promoter indeed!

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