Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Singapore Trip - part 1

I went to Singapore on 23 - 24 feb during my last trimester break and this entry should take place long time ago but due to no internet connection i've to postpone this post. My first week of break well spent in Johor and S'pore. So many things to share but let the pictures do the talking.

the scenery in the early morning to JB, masyaAllah

us :o)

breakfast is important to have good energy for the travelers

our first station to city hall

catch our tour bus

1st destination :)

bulldog + frog = bull frog (am i right? =p)

muka dah selebeh as too much excitement +.+

i love the ambiance

me at the botanic garden


macam tempat gajah dalam zoo negara kan? ;p


bee searching for honey, *yucks!

which track are we?

waiting for our tour bus but the other bus yang datang =.="

paste the badge if u're a hippo :8)

to be continued...

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