Sunday, March 13, 2011

moving out moving in

bye bye emerald park and hi to taman bunga raya!! I moved to my new house early this 3rd trimester as it is must to get out from ep. It supposed to be end of this trimester but i decided to make it earlier since i've to pay RM585 for ep plus my new house. We need to move to new building in front of the current ep and of course we'll be charged super extra payment. I was not interested to continue the contact with ep and decided to find a rental house with the other three housemates.

able to finish the packing in one day as it was my third time moved out

bye bye ep and thanks for two plus years accommodation

view from my ex-house

hello to new environment, neighborhood and so on. i've so many things to share but still no connection as yet not register for internet.

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