Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yum yum wed!

feeling tired due to two exams in a row which only took 15 minutes gap and i've to reset my mind from the employment thingy to evidence and procedure in syariah court. i didn't put much effort but i tried to all out the knowledge of being a law student for 3 years. the tests finished and left two assignments plus a project of cyberpreneurship. it's a bliss when the commitment getting lesser and i can sip the air in tranquility.

alhamdulillah, Allah still gives me the desire to taste and eagerness to explore good things. to cut it short, i'm in love with waffle and ice-cream. a bowl of ice-cream is a smile whereas the waffle is the happiness :) a complete buck-less that made my day!

let's do some pictures telling;

rich of sweet toppings, two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and strawberry jam will do for me :)

set aside the cream and left the ice-cream with chocolate lava! yummeyh :D :D

in fact, i love to own this as part of my kitchen aid instead of so called smartphone or even the sleek and thin ipad.hehe

simple and yet practical :)

it's a yummy yummy wednesday :) i could hear my mom voice and she's getting better, thanks Allah :):) i'm so tired today as two papers in a row but You changed it to a bliss, alhamdulillah :) the commitment reduced and i need strength to complete them as best as i can. stay away from being wicked or even notorious person, let's smile and do enjoy our lovely waffle.


AimiSabri said...

tu dia..semangat aih.. pancake lagi tuh..huhuhu

nanti jangan lupa buat kat aku sekali na..

mak hang tak sihat kah??
Aku doakan agar mak sihat..InsyaAllah..
semoga mak hang cepat sembuh :)

syamimi azmira said...

insyaAllah aimi. aku sapu cokelat bebanyak. hang loike kan? tehehe Alhamdulillah sihat cuma baru lepas buat minor operation. amin :) thanks my dearie :):)